My Review on Regal Assets

What to expect when dealing with
Regal Assets. Regal has many benefits being an investment company of their type. You can expect expert service, quality products, quick delivery, loads of free information, simple roll over options, and a great buy back for purchased gold.

Great Service

First of all let me say the service at Regal Assets has been one of a kind. I have dealt with other investment companies. I had a spread of investments. Prior to my finding Regal, my assets were not getting the return I was expecting. Nor we're they getting the return I was "guaranteed". Sure enough my stocks had lost a value of over $2,000 with no gains. The main precious metal dealer I started with left me with a loss, refusing to buy back at a reasonable price. Gold had dropped, but not less than the buy price I had invested at. The dealer price was so marked up there was no room for profit. Then they had the audacity to call me 5x a week when gold dropped to try to get me to buy more. I felt harassed. The others began to start the same obnoxious calls. When it came time to sell back for spot price, they would not have it. I made more selling it to friends and family. My retirement was secure however I found them to be to much trouble. Surely this is where my hunting began for the best investment company for my precious metal IRA. This is when one of my co-workers told me about Regal. First thing I did was dropped them a call. Best thing that I ever done. From the first contact I knew the were going to help. Like they worked for me or something. Granted I was a little skeptical at first, but the generous man I was talking to eased my mind instantly.

Quality of The Products

Now that I got my foot in the door with a little peace of mind. I made my first purchase. The man I talked to kept me well informed on what bullion was trading good, What would have the best ROI (return on Investment), and the fact that it would arrive in no longer than 7 days. Great for some one looking for short term profits. As I was at the time to make up for my time lost. First he strongly recommended sending me the Free Investors Kit. I received the kit and a copy of Aftershock. So I waited for the gold price to drop a little bit and made the call. The quality of the coins was great, as guaranteed. The quality of the information and service was great.

Delivery and Information

Delivery time was prompt. I received my kit in just a few days. I was amazed at all the info. I had received packages from other precious metal companies. However they were not like Regals Free Investors Kit, and the book After Shock was excellent. I'm not sure if they are still offering the book. Yet they do send a copy of Smart Money Magazine Special Edition featuring Regal Free. Soon after sorting through my package I ordered my coins. The gold coins arrived in just 6 days. Needless to say I could not be happier.

IRA & 401(k) Roll Over

Rolling over an IRA is the last step, after testing the quality and reliability of the products, reading testimonials from others in my situation, and speaking with the great gentlemen whom I purchased the coins through. I found it would be a smart choice to do business with Regal. My short term and long term investments. They made Rolling over my IRA easy as pie. You can also take your 401(k) from a previous job, and rolled that over into a Precious Metal IRA. Mix it up a little bit. Gold is not the only IRA approved precious metal. Silver is a good player when it comes to cost. Platinum is like the monkey on golds back. So the options are their and Regal can handle it.
As I mention earlier for short term investors Regal also offers a buy back at spot price. This is unheard of among other investment companies.

In Conclusion

That is why I consider Regal to be the best investment company. As most gold dealers will charge a mark down cost to buy back gold. A situation I found to be a little selfish. Not at Regal, like I had said it is as if they work for you while working with you. Everyone will receive the same quality of expert advice, informational tools, and expert help. My overall experience with Regal has 100% they have the awards, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, customer service awards, and more.

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