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This Is the new Video Of The Week Page, To find some of the videos, news bloopers, and more, come to the Video of the Week to see whats fresh. This is totally off topic. I did that on purpose, Why not relax or relieve stress while here as well. Its not always business, if it is that's to much stress. So sit back and let the laughter refill your soul.

This video is really just the recording. However as a person with Christian Values this recording is reality. This is sad but true.

Funniest Work Video Ever
I came across this video on Facebook actually my girlfriend had come across this video. The first time I watched it I was feeling sorry for the old man, the first time she watched it she laughed.this is the perfect work environment situation that is so realistic in the way that old man walks away afterwards is exactly what I would do. This video is called how not to unload a truck and it is hilarious one of the funniest videos ever. I showed some coworkers and the first thing they did was laugh so hard I still felt bad the first time I seen it but they just laugh and laugh and laugh what personality are you.

Let there be justice.
This next video your about to see is regarding the Brown shooting in Missouri. The police brutality has grown way out of hand. My personal condolences to the mother and family of this child. For a mother to raise her son to graduate and be accepted into college, that is hard. Even harder in the neighborhood and environment the family lived in.


President Barack Obama - Drop It Like Its Hot

We really enjoyed this video at here at Gold Blogger. This is obviously an imitator, or impersonator, very good expressions and gestures matching the likes of President Obama. So without further ado, We present:
President Barack Obama: Drop It Like Its Hot

The video seems to be an endorsement for Obama Care, The deadline for Open Enrollment Health Insurance Coverage is March 31, 2014. Are you covered?

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What is the penalty for not having health insurance?

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This video was found on YouTube one of the most viewed funny videos overnight. Lg Ultra HD TV prank was the funniest video on the internet found Here so far. The video is supposed to be a prank interview. The room seems to have been shortened, the place where the window is moved up 2-5ft or so. Then the TV is placed there with a life like background. On brain games they show how the brain can be deceived by trust. These people in this video seem to have been convinced they were there for an interview. The idea of a fake window is no-where in there mind. There is no reason for the brain to pick out flaws, because of the trust factor. Also the stress factor that would be in play as well, beings it is an interview.

As the interview goes on there appears to be a glow in the top left of screen, each persons eyes are caught to this. This is where the trust factor comes into play again. They all look like they are skeptical, but they trust they are in a place for an interview, it cant be fake. Duck and cover just in case. Enjoy the video