#Gold Price #2017 best time to Buy Gold

The gold price is dropping. Down by $600 from high How long will this lose streak continue?  Is it really a lose streak, or a win streak for us who lost the chance the last time gold dropped like this. I'll bet soon as those hedge fund investors see they will be losing their investment, they will all scatter like swatted flies and end up back in the precious metal market.

How long has gold been around and valued by man? Only a couple of things have been valued as precious by man for this many years. 6000 years, food, water, clothes, and GOLD.  As for all the people saying that gold has been oversold I think it's being under baught.  Follow up with more interactive news with Franklin Sanders @ http://goldprice.org he is a strong fluent writer, who is deeply involved in following the market and it's trends.

Silver is a Buy
Platinum is a Hold
Gold is a Buy

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