Let there be Justice for Mike Browns Family

I think that the officer clearly made a mistake. Honorable officer or not people make mistakes. I feel he got overwhelmed after his actions, panicked, then him, and his fellow officer, mishandled the reporting, and proper dispatch. They assessed the situation wrong.

By leaving the scene that way for that amount of time even made the police chief uncomfortable. Leaves all evidence vulnerable. They should have been securing the perimeter. Calling in the proper units immediately. It is un professional to leave a scene, of that stature. The way they did. Who does that?

I do believe this man, and partner, should face charges. Cop or no cop.
This is clearly a case that was mis- handled. The time frame the incident was left un attended, was wrong.

What ever happened to in car police cams?

Were they rolling? Were they off?

Were they even in the vehicle?

Were any of the suspects holding a weapon?

Did the police officer feel so threatened in a police car that he had to shoot from the vehicle?

These questions are not being answered.

A "strong arm" robbery is normally used when there is force with no weapon, in place of "armed" robbery which is stating the suspect clearly has a weapon. This is not excusable. He stole cigars, he did not wave a gun and demand money.


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God Bless the Mother, Father, and Family of Mike Brown.