Why Are Gas Prices Dropping, And Will Gas Prices Keep Dropping?

Is the government trying to drive commodities pricing lower.  Or is it big Natural Resource Companies. Gas prices have dropped significantly since the day I researched this topic. Some major players in the game have discussed how lowering the prices on commodities would help stimulate the economy. Don't get excited when you see gas just below $3. We could see gas prices down as low as $2.75 gallon. I understand it can be exciting to see gas prices dropping so low. Yet don't let the quick change fool you. Try not to run out and fill up 50 gallon drums thinking that you're getting over at $2.96 a gallon. I have a feeling gas prices will be dropping for the next 6 to 8 months. Along with all of this being said gold prices will likely be falling for a small margin of that time. Not just gold but precious metals and generals all commodities across-the-board should be shrinking.

 I see gold prices dropped below the $1300 range just as well as gas prices dropping behind the three dollar range. Both happening almost overnight. Now is a better time than ever to keep a very good eye on gold prices. As well as silver prices. Silver may be one of our biggest profit margins this year.

Gold price is currently $1286. (Green Flag)
Silver price is currently $21.40 (Green Flag)

These prices may stoop a little lower so keep your eyes glued. In fact I'm suggesting buying now just in case this is a small blip. The price for investing in precious metals vs. the price for investing in stocks, bonds, cd account, retirement accounts, and more, are un match able when it comes to fees, taxes, and most of all return on investment. This is why I only suggest precious metals with this unstable market. This holding true for long term, and short term investors.