Where Can You Find Gold?

 Gold can be found almost anywhere in the world. Yet not all gold comes in quantity. Only remote areas are suitable for mining. Gold can be found in quantity in areas with high quality quartz veins, areas with glacial deposits, and alluvial deposits.
Gold is often mined in quantity by ore or sluicing. Most mining is big industry mining in the states. Some mining is still popular for hobby as well as main household income. Usually by sluicing or other gold separation processes.

Gold sluicing is a process in which Gold is separated through a series steps to final product as follows
  •Extracting the gold rich material
  •Placing material in a separator
  •Material runs through sluice
  •Gold is caught in riffles
  •Gold is caught in miners miss
  •Then sluice needs broken down
  •Concentrated solution will then be processed by a gold extracting machine.
  •Finally Smelt the gold and pour content into molds for, gold bars, gold coins, and or gold ingots.

Miners who blast tunnels are normally looking for quartz veins or other gold rich material. They   then take the ore, containing gold, and process it by crushing the ore then to the final stages in the gold extraction process.

 Yes Ohio Gold can be found. I see a lot of people asking, "Is there Gold In Ohio?"  YES! There is Gold in glacial deposits, commonly found in rivers. Or alluvial deposits. Ohio has a great (Glacial Map) this is a .PDF file of Ohio's Glacial Map from the Department of Natural Resources, you can view. There is also gold in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, this Gold is a result of glacial deposits, carried down, and scraped up from a glacier that slid from Canada to the States. Tearing through mountains, and all terrains, some down to bedrock, leaving behind the flat land with glacial deposits that include gold. See Gold in Ohio (here you will see some talk about gold, that has been found in Ohio, the picture is close to the bottom. Its a good read if your interested in searching for gold in Ohio.)

Ohio also has mining clubs, state wide, where they own the mining rights to several properties that contain gold. I still believe Diamonds can also be found in these areas as well. Can not say I have found any or heard of anyone finding diamonds in Ohio. If you have leave a comment. Considering the De beers mine and others in Canada lye directly north of the glacial path, that has left all of these fascinating deposits in the States.

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Gold also forms as gold compound in minerals such as Gold Telluride (Calaverite), Silver Gold Telluride (Sylvanite), and (Krennerite) which contains small traces of silver and is considered Orthorhombic Gold Telluride. These golds are more commonly used in an industrial manner vs. the coinage, jewelry, and arts production.