Government Shut Down Official

Completely Opposite Day Tomorrow (Today). Great night last night. (Not) The government shut down became official. Officially Shut Down. As long as there are hard working Americans out of pay checks, Due to their inability to compromise. They should go without pay until this is resolved. (unbiased). On a another note. Gold had reacted the complete opposite. Started "The Limbo", under the suspected lows of $1300. Silver also "Jump in da Line". Stocks also reversed roles. Unpredictable.

Gold price is now $1289. Big drop $60 as to what was anticipated to be a big climb up $40-$60 to $1380-$1400. Yet a good time to buy. Silver price had dropped nearly $1.30. To end with a small attempt to climb out the hole at $21.10. I missed out. I will not attempt to predict the future today. For the Government Shut down has also shut down my crystal ball.

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