9/30/13 Government Shut Down

Good Morning. Well it's the official day for Government Shutdown. Surprised to see gold prices have not taken if like a bottle rocket. Will the Government actually shut down? Not likely today. They will more then likely pass an extension for a week. Like the fools think a week will change something they could have changed the past week before the deadline. What will happen if the government shuts down? Federal employees and operations will be furloughed. This will not effect our safety for the time being. However the SEC will not be processing any thing. Along either the FDA and IRS. They will still be excepting filings, they just won't process any or processing may be delayed.

Gold prices are currently $1336 down from $1340. Silver price is $21.70 following trend down at from the weekends short rise to . Will the Government Shut Down affect Precious metal prices. Very good possibility. Precious Metal Prices will likely rise due to the SEC delaying approvals and announcements for major trading companies. Along with all stocks and bonds. Stocks and bonds will drop or sit dormant.

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I am still expecting long term Gold prices to rise above the $3000 range doubling your investment. Invest with knowledge invest with the best. Fill out that form on the right and get in touch with a precious metals rep. Start your precious metal IRA today or find out more.