Gold price, Today August, 1st 2013

 Gold Price has hit the slopes a little today. Climbed to the high of $1327. Then busted out the skis for a quick ride to $1303. A little expected. Considering the last time the Federal Reserve made the announcement to keep buying bonds, Gold Price Dropped. The month of July, 2013. The Federal Reserve again announced they would continue to buy up to $40 Billion in bonds, "To Stimulate the economy." 

 This is their drug, you know the one that numbs pain of a crippled economy. What about the real fix. This is an issue where the right treatment would Fix the source of the pain. Prolonging the pain could cause the problem to become unable to be repaired. 
Either way you slice markets will be reacting to the big announcements. 

 Biggest return on investing for retirement, in my opinion would be in order, Gold, Silver, and Platinum. No Stocks. No Bonds. No bank investments with slow growth. Silver might prove to give a bigger bang for your buck, throughout the next 8-12months.  My choice will always be Gold. 

Gold has the Green Flag buy
Silver hat the Green Flag buy
Platinum gets the Yellow hold