Convert To Precious Metals

 Gold price is steady at the $1320-$1330 range. Which is a good thing. News about, Bernanke's resign possible in sight is a good yet unsettling sign. Good because GOLD PRICE is so low right now. Good because when the next man/woman comes in to take over GOLD PRICE should rise. This may take some time to get the train back on track. Considering Bernanke has twisted the tracks, like spinning spaghetti on a fork, fixing that will take a magician with the expertise of untying knots. However this can be taken care of. Lets just hope he resigns/retires from his position. While we are at it it would be nice for Mc Connel, and Boehner to stand down as well. Then it will be rebuilding the tracks with ease. Can't wait for the announcements on the Federal Open Market.

 In the mean time I suggest getting all your savings and or retirement into some sort of Precious Metal account. Roll over your IRA, 410(k), CD, Savings, or what ever you have, to Precious Metals while there is still a profitable margin for ROI (return on investment).  Avoid stocks, even precious metal stocks, and companies. Time is of the essence, and right now time is on our side. Get in touch with some experts like Regal Assets. They are my #1 and only choice for investing in precious metals. To read my review on Regal Click Here. I personally recommend contacting the at Regal to assist you you with converting your earnings into precious metals. They have excellent customer service reviews, my personal experience was great as well.

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Palladium up to you.