Is it to late to say gold prices are on the rise? I think not. We have seen a nice threshold. Bouncing around $1230 then up to the $1290 range. Still have a rising bottom around $1260. If gold prices keep this as a bottom for the next week we could be on a slow rise for the summer. IF.

 Well that was written last Thursday, July 17th, 2013. Gold price has climbed up to $1320. Giving us a sure sign of the opinion of investors, concerning Bernanke's stimulus plans. Gold should stay on the rise back to our years high in the $1800 range. Why would you not buy gold now? I will be getting more till we hit the $1460 mark. Then ill take a margin of my profits and re-invest. Ill be watching silver as well. We could be looking at huge profits on the horizon  depending on when and how much you invest. If investing for retirement, life will be good. You may even retire early. Which now is a great idea considering working late in age has been known to cause Alzheimer's, and other effects to the body. 

Gold is a buy GREEN FLAG
Silver is a buy GREEN FLAG
Platinum as well. GREEN FLAG