The Stocks Bulls Vs. Gold Bears

Stocks have been a bull market lately. Gold a few months ago became very Bullish, while stocks fell to the bear market. Gold has fell since then becoming the bear of commodities. It's like a tournament this year between Precious Metals and Stocks.

Winner Takes World Title of "The Bull"

Gold and Silver prices still have to make their turn around. June usually throws us the low ball. I mean gold usually hits its year low in the month of June. Any more and bases will be loaded, with Cecil Fielder up to bat. Be ready for a Grand Slam. Even the Feds can't catch a ball, that gets knocked out of the park. Unless they are on the sidelines, which in turn does not count. They keep forcing walks (pumping stimulus) it's only a matter of time. A matter of time before gold sky rockets. Investors agree that the economy is being pumped with steroids. This will lead to the game being lost by the Stocks, or Won by Gold. With bases loaded and an unexpected Grand Slam knocked right out of the park.

I believe precious metals will be the title of "The Bull" this year. With, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Gold up to bat. Gold is still in the lead, even with the feds losing players due to pumping them up with steroids, and rookies making mistakes. Glitches in the score board "the computers going down in the euro zone" and sketchy pitcher "middle eastern uncertainty".

Your cup is going to be half empty or half full. You decide. Gold Prices are still at a great buy, Silver as well, I talk about gold a lot. How ever if your not interested in a large investment, this is a great year for Silver. You could double your money in the next 2 years. Small cost big returns. I am still a big player for gold being the reason I always refer to this precious metal out of most. I only recommend precious metals that are IRA Approved

Gold is a Buy Green Flag
Silver is a buy Green Flag
Platinum Green Flag
Palladium up to you.