Gold prices for Wednesday June 26th.

Gold Prices are at $1225. As if there was no sign of a turn around in site. Not true but not soon. Now is the time to do your research and get in while prices are low. We may see a low of $1100. It has been a long time since we have seen gold prices this low along with silver prices. The trend was on a balance beam, vs. a fast turn around. Then the Feds dropped a granite weight on their side. Looks like gold and silver will have a slow turn around these next couple months. So what does this mean. Hold out, if your a short term investor because a turn around profit my not be quick. Long term investors, watch the price of precious metals. We may still see that low around $1100. Yet we will surely see that high of $1800 again. Investing for retirement, now may be the best time to get in. Soon as the Feds start braking on their stimulus, we should see gold prices rise up and beyond $1800. Always look at the big picture.

The big picture is gold looks to be dropping off. Yet in the long run gold will pass its best high for the year. Gold price hit $1800, plus, this year. This is why I said buy gold, buy silver, buy platinum, buy palladium, all are great for investment. Particularly investing for retirement. The water may be cold now, soon enough it will be warm and everyone will be in the pool. Then the water will be saturated. Gold price will rise but you don't want to catch it on the slow. Investing for retirement now will only see highs past $1800 in the next year. I'm still calling for $2300, but in bumping the date back to September or November.
Good trading have fun in the sun. Get in the pool.