Will Gold prices rise or fall.

Well gold prices have been tickling that $1400 range for the past two days. Wednesday Gold Price finally broke the $1400  range now about $1420 and are working towards $1500. I have not posted lately due to the fact that the price has not changed significantly. Once again stock futures are low and gold price is rising. Precious metal experts had anticipated Gold prices to be around the $2000 range sometime at the beginning of summer. Yet they did not expect the feds to keep pumping stimulus into the market.

As soon as the feds made that announcement stock prices began to rise, while the price of gold and other precious metals began to fall. Expert investors knew that stock prices would rise for a while. So of course they took advantage of it taking their money out of gold and invested where they knew they could get a quick ROI return on investment.

So now that gold prices and the stock market are back to normal we will likely see gold prices and other precious metals slowly if not quickly rise.  The price of gold made its way to $1420 but is now driving back to the $1400 range. It is likely we will see High peaks and quick drop-offs before we reach a new high. Price is currently $1412 and dropping.

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