Precious Metals Soon to have a Turn Around

Gold and silver prices taking another Plunge as stocks increase. As the stock market continues to gain value investors have no desire to invest in precious metals. Does this mean that gold will keep dropping, unlikely. In the 70s as gold was doing real well and stocks were dropping. We then had a period where stocks regained the lead and gold prices started to fall. However after Stocks had started leveling out and the price of gold drops to a very eye catching value, gold began to rise. When gold turned around it took investors by surprise. Those who got in, while the price was low, turned a big profit. When stocks have a good win streak, gold prices go down. It's all part of the game.

These are short term effects. In the long term gold will always come out on top. This being the reason every country has a gold reserve.
The U.S has around 8,000 tonnes of Gold
Germany has around 3,000 tonnes
Italy and France holds about 2,000.
And so on. The central banks buy gold like its out of style. Yet it's not out of style. It is actually very much in style. Gold will always hold value and grow in value.

In short, if you're looking for a long term investment with the highest ROI gold or silver would be the best investment. In fact any IRA approved precious metals would be smart. As I said before I only suggest investing in precious metals you can physically own.

Gold gets The (Green Flag)
Silver is a buy (Green Flag)
Platinum is a buy (Green Flag)

I know I said this about $400 ago and yet that was still a good buy price. We will see gold back there again. In fact we will see gold surpass that. This is a small misconception of the volatile market by avid investors. I believe a correction is coming soon.