Gold future in today's market

Well in back with the same old news Gold prices are low. Along with other IRA approved precious metals. Looks like Gold is trying to burst back up to that $1500 mark yet runs out of fuel just as it gets close. With the Feds still pumping stimulus into or market, and keeping interest rates low, this will likely be a normal for the time being. Soon, investors know The price of precious metals will rise, we will be seeing Gold back up around $1800. I'm still expecting to see gold at $2500 by the end of the summer. Any way you slice it, if your investing for retirement, gold will rise. 

Gold price is $1464. Took a good drop over night. With drops like these people have been emailing, asking why do I still Keep suggesting to invest in Precious metals. Reason being is I still believe this is a minor bump in the road. A major glitch in the computers cause the European market to not be able to trade gold. Causing a lot of investors to sell off contracts. Major contracts that could have added up to hundreds of millions of dollars in gold which in hand would cause gold Price to drive right off the cliff. Along with Cyprus selling gold to relieve its debt which was also hundreds of millions of dollars in gold. These couple of problems happened a few weeks ago. When we had the $300 plunge. Short term investors have still been playing with the price as well. Getting in on a drop and in fear selling off before $1500. All for a small profit. As soon as the investors realize the stimulus has faded the market levels back out, and interest rates go back to normal, Gold will launch past $2500. I'm not promising anything, however I'm already putting my money where my head is. Gold (Green Flag) Silver (Green Flag) Platinum (Green Flag) REMEMBER Invest with confidence and invest with knowledge. Never do it because I said so. You wouldn't jump off a bridge if I said to. To get expert information, I recommend Regal you can find a link to them here on site.