What causes gold price to drop

Now is the time, to invest everything you have into gold. It is Sunday morning, and I woke up to this, GOLD PRICE dropped below $1,500. The cost for gold fell back to $1,395. Like it just fell tripped over the Feds stimulus and kept on rolling. Silver following the same path, along with platinum, and palladium. This is a far cry from gold experts earlier prediction. So what is happening with gold? Good question. Gold has not been this low since April, 2011. 2 years ago, in the past 10 years we have only seen one $375 drop from the yearly high. After that drop there was a continuous climb since. We recently just witnessed a $400 drop from the year high. October 2012 gold almost hit $1,800. Now slowly falling for a continuous 6 months, from its high of $1,798 to the current, $1,395. This being recognized gold will correct it self.

Some cause and effects. The effects of the Cyprus selling off its gold may be a huge player in this game. They could be selling of billions of dollars in gold. This has just been recent news from the Cyprus central bank, to cover their losses. The effect may have been what caused gold to drop. The housing market has been slowly increasing. Stocks have been slowly rising in the housing sector. Investors may be so confident the housing market will be making its turn around soon. Causing investors to scramble towards these stocks to get in while their is still a profitable margin.

Gold price is $1395 GREEN FLAG ( we are almost $400 below my yellow flag call.) Now is the time.
Silver price is $25.99 GREEN FLAG

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Green Flag means, buy
Yellow Flag means, hold
Red Flag means, sell