To Physically Own Gold, or Precious Metals

Good morning I hope everybody had a happy Easter. I also hope everyone got a 24 kt. gold egg. My Easter turned out pretty good. My boys went to get pictures with the Easter bunny one of them did really good the other boy was scared almost ready to cry so I had to get my picture taken with the Easter bunny  too.  So I hope everybody's Easter turned out as well as fine I hope you're stomachs are full and I hope your eggs are golden. On that though gold was down to $1596 last I checked. 


Gold Price dropping to $1596 is good for us. Unemployment is expected to rise a little. Yet consumer spending has been on the rise. Along with housing development. These rises has kept the market afloat. Despite all the confusion in the House, and all the fed spending. This is still a hungry cat sitting on our door step. We can keep feeding it and the same thing will keep happening. In other words we keep spending and the Feds keep pumping out billions a months we will eventually burst like an over inflated balloon. Hence the word inflation. As i say we, the people are not doing this the, government is. Yet we are one, and effected as one as a whole. Still we can not do much about it. The one thing I do know, is we can buy precious metals and physically own them as our own.  


To physically own gold is to own a currency that is good world wide. So if and or when the U.S dollar fails you will be financially stable. Even if every currency fails your investment in gold is going to hold value. It always has, and always will. Think about it. So why are more people not investing in gold?  More than most are blind to this fact due to our busy lifestyles and obsession with the all mighty Dollar. The government can not take gold from you. Gold that is IRA certified. This being the reason I suggest to buy gold you can physically own. Gold coins, gold bullion, Gold bars. All precious metals that IRA certified are of value. Gold is just the most valuable, along with silver. I suggest everyone, roll over your IRA, 401(k), or any investment source. If you are super confident, take my advice and diversify your portfolio by making a precious metal investment. The worst that could happen is your other investments will be lost while you precious metal investment will only grow. If your planning a retirement this will bring the best return on investment. Give it some thought let the experts at Regal Assets help. Fill out the form on the right here. 

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Gold price is $1596

Silver Price is $28.20


Gold is a buy Green Flag

Silver is a buy Green Flag