Is now a good time to invest in gold?

Good morning I do apologize for not posting the past few days. I have been on vacation. So let's get back up today with gold braces training nearly $30 above what I had last posted. Continuing a four day rise in gold price yesterday Silver had actually dropped. This brings me to the most recent article I have read by Franklin Sanders.  A fact that my relative mentioned years ago. Describing how the Feds will sell off precious metals to keep the gold price down. This drop in silver price could be a sure sign that the feds are in fact selling off precious metals to keep the gold price down. We see Platnum drop Palladium drop or silver drop continuously low and gold price slowly rise This could be the work of the feds. On the other hand this could be big investors selling off silver and investing in gold. The feds manipulating the gold price right now would be a terrible decision. If this is the case we will be seeing gold stay at a steady rate for weeks to come other precious metals dropping. However if we do see gold and silver continued to rise this week we may see gold prices jumping very fast. The reason I mention this is because if the feds are manipulating the gold price we will want to hold off on buying gold and let it drop back down below $1600. If it back the investors are behind this we want to purchase gold as soon as possible.

Gold Price is $1609-$1609 spastically bouncing up and down for a dollar like children in a bounce house. Silver price is currently. We want to keep a close eye on these prices to see what is really going on in the precious metals market. We are also going to want to take a look at the price of platinum and Palladium. If silver platinum and Palladium continued to drop while gold price rises we are going to see my yellow flags about my warning to buy cautiously. With that being said if the silver flag does come out for gold and other precious metals such as silver platinum and Palladium we will be looking at a green flag as my buy signal.

Gold has the green flag

Silver has the green flag.

Platinum is included in my race as well.
Platinum gets the green flag.