How Much Is Gold Worth

Gold price is still bouncing around that $1575 mark. I had anticipated gold to rise immediately after the sequester. Yet with no resolution and the threat of a government shut down. We still manage to borrow 45 billion from large investors with almost no interest. Not because they like us either. They just realize the U.S is still more trust worthy then the rest of the countries for now. Our inflation rate has not yet went up, YET. This $45 billion is to be paid back in a month. That is our operating cost. If we need that money now, how can we pay it back in a month and have money to operate. We just simply can not. UN-less we raise the debt ceiling. Allowing us to borrow more money. Either way inflation will go up as well as the price if gold.

1976 all over again. In 1976 gold was about $140 per ounce. Then dropped to $80. Over the following 4 years we seen gold rise by a significant percentage. Those who invested got rich. Those who waited. Well let's say they got kicked by a mule. The reason I bring this up is we are seeing the same situation we were in at that time frame. Some experts were calling for a rise in gold while others were calling it a bluff. We are hearing experts call for $2000 or more by the end of the summer. The price compared to this years price would be like gold rising to $6000 dollars an ounce by this time next year. (I don't see that being the case, over 1 year. However that could be the case over 15, and my retirement will be RICH UN-like social security)

That's why Gold is a must
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Silver is buy also
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Platinum is included in my race as well.
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