A Gold, Time To Buy Precious Metals,

Gold and Silver both broke their heart beat rhythm. They began to climb. Yet the question is will they both climb back up out of this trend. Aside from the price jumping a small $15 for Gold and a tiny $1.50 for Silver. The price is still in a buy position.
We have a long ways to go, to get to $2000 an ounce. However it does not take a long time to get there. The price of Gold and Silver is so unpredictable, in timing, we could see it jump fast than you can get your investment situated. This is why I say Buy Gold and Silver now. The longer you wait, the less your chances are to invest at a great buy price.

Investing in precious metals is the only safe investment right now. Even though the stock market has seemed to be pushing into a safe zone. Stocks are so unpredictable, our financial situation is still unclear. The effects of the sequester have not yet hit us. We are still in for a ride. Inflation and devaluation of the dollar are only a stones throw away. The most effected by this will be the Middle Class Americans, if you can call them that. The middle class seems to have disappeared, its more like the rich and the poor.

McConnell, The coincided _______, refuses to let an agreement take place. He is rich why should he care? He is a representative of the American people, supposedly, that's why. That cocky little twerp that presented a new bill the other day, walking the same line as McConnell. Presenting a bill that will only hurt the "Middle Class". When it comes time to vote for a United States Senator, Vote for Ashley Judd. When he is out of office I can see this country taking 10 steps forward, unlike a drunken fool taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back.

Still aside from the big mess in the Senate. This is a Golden Opportunity to Expand our portfolio, buy gold and silver, Invest in gold and silver, or any precious metals.
I only suggest investing in precious metals you can physically own or roll over into an IRA, or any Retirement account. Who knows what they are going to do with our hard earned money, if the economy crashes. Get your Free Investors Kit Today by filling out that form right over there to the right ========>

Gold is a buy, Green Flag
Silver is a buy Green Flag.