Tax Returns Invest in Gold

Gold morning, the price of Gold jumped to $1349 up 10. It's time to buy. Tax Season. Get your taxes done. Buy Gold or Silver.

Same thing this year 2014. Again?  All I can say for sure is $500 ROI (return on investment). Gold price is at $1349 on March 6, 2014. We have watch the price of gold soar in one year to $1800. Those of you who got in when I last said I was going to buy, Already made $100 per troy ounce ROI.

 Tax returns make a great time to invest. Even a small investment could benefit you and your family within the next year. Silver as well. Look at my numbers on the previous post and do some math.

The Return on Investment after this year may shock you.

What happened to social security?

A 2% hike is what happened. More people are planning on pulling their IRA or 401k for a penalty.

This will not be tax free.

The government has got sticky fingers. So sticky it's as if they had been tarred and feathered. Feathered with $100 bills. Gold won't stick.

 Gold, or most other precious metals, investments can be tax free or tax differed.  Invest today. Most research firms are saying gold must be bought.

Gold has the Green Flag (Buy Now)
Silver has the Green Flag as well.

Get that Free Investors Kit at the least.