Make Money, Even With The Rise Of Inflation

make real moneyWell finally, yet unfortunately the economy has proven to shrink. With this announcement and the feds announcement to keep buying back securities to stimulate the economy. We are in a financial storm. Inflation will rise causing the price of gold to rise. I believe silver has already started it's trend on its way up. The House, according to the House speaker Boener, is aiming to keep a plan that consists of spending $85 billion a month buying back securities to stimulate the economy. Instead of settling the debt ceiling. They made a sad agreement to extend the it. Which has been done already and proven to fail. Not only did it fail we hurt by this. Now this will ease the pain again for the time being, like a drug this will wear off. Once the drugs wear off we will be hurting again. This is another reason we are sure to see inflation. Not sure how inflation effects us? CLICK HERE To see more.

Making Money    
  With the Economy taking a hit like this. We are realizing that we are not as good off as the Government claims us to be. There is no margin for error yet the government has been putting off the debt ceiling, and its strategic plan for budget cuts for too long. Please voice your opinion in the comment area. Yet with the economy showing us it can and will shrink and did. We can still make money. Yet you have to get in now to make money. As I said before tax returns are about to be delivered. This is going to cause a huge buy in gold. This happens every year over a matter of 3months. If you want to make real money that is not weakened by inflation, then you need to buy gold. Gold or any precious metal that is IRA approved is not subject to inflation. I only recommend buying Physical Gold. Make money with Gold you can own personally, in bullion or mint. There are certain types of gold that are available for IRA's and 401k's.
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 The feds buying back securities is not a real way to fix the economy. As they say, it is a strategy to stimulate the economy. Just like the prescription drugs the government allows to ruin our lives, they push these stimulus packages, because they can not come upon agreement. May be they don't know what there job is. Either way they federal buy back of securities is restricting the average person on getting loans. Banks or lenders are very weary on who they loan to. The interest rate is kept so low, the banks are not encouraged to push loans.  When the banks or lenders do make loans they are very strict on who they agree to loan to. Making it harder for the average person to get a loan. No loans, no expansion. No expansion, no jobs. No jobs, No money circulating back into the economy. This is an everlasting gerbil wheel, and we are the gerbils. Sad scenario, yet true. Unless we come up with the worlds greatest plan we are in a downhill spiral heading for another depression, and yes inflation will be a part of this as well. I spoke about the feds buy back plan in a previous post.

Today Gold price hit $1679 yet dropped back to $1660 this is our time to buy. With so much going on in the economy you will make money.  Gold will rise fast due to all this. How fast will gold rise? Gold will likely hit $2000 by this summer. Silver will possibly go up 200% trading at $90 oz. Make money this year of this crippling economy. Invest in precious metals. Investing in gold is my #1 choice mainly because platinum is up there already. Silver is my #2 yet should be my #1 because of the gains we will likely see.  Want to see what kind of gold i recommend buying. Go Here

Gold is a GREEN FLAG
Silver is also a GREEN FLAG