Make money, buy gold and silver.

 Gold dropped today clear down to $1655. This is extravagant we are in the money. It's time to buy, buy buy buy, gold climbed the mountain and hit it's peak. Then took a slide down like a giddy little kid on a snow sled. It is time to buy. Make that investment today secure your future of tomorrow. Gold will climb that's a fact. We may not see gold down to $1650s again.  We will see gold up to $2300. Taxes have not come back yet all the players are off the field sitting in the dugouts, anxiously waiting to get back up and bat. I know I am. I'm buying now.

With agreements upon extending the debt ceiling investors have gained a little more security. They feel as though they have a little room to play around with stocks for the time being. Silver on the other hand is playing a game of its own. Last time gold was down to $1650 silver was at $29. Gold is now down to $1650 again and stopped stoping off to hold $31.

Gold is a buy Green Flag (waiving profusely like a flag in a hurricane.)
Silver is a buy Green Flag