How Will Inflation Effect You

The Feds are not expecting inflation to rise above 2% as long as they don't make one the state. One mistake is all that will take for inflation surprise they think as long as the American people in general merchandisers believe inflation will go up inflation will hold a steady rate with a target of 2%. That is what they expect. They are experimenting, an experiment does not have specified results. The results are not guaranteed. So if the federal reserve does make one mistake all this printed money, that they believe they can back, is going to raise inflation significantly. When we have issues like this most every time the Federal Reserve does make a mistake. They are targeting 2% likely they will overshoot their target inflation will probably rise within the next 2 to 3 years by 4 to 6%. I noticed the 2% rise in social security on my paycheck. With that being said the market is subject to inflation stocks and bonds are subject to inflation IRAs and 401(k)s not invested in precious metals are subject to inflation. This is the only secure route, investing in commodities such as precious metals which are not subject to inflation.

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