Gold Prices Up Like #DonaldTrump

The Lone Star State (Texas) is separated from everyone else among the states in keeping a sizable about of cash in gold stores — not prospects or other speculation postitions, but rather genuine gold bullion, about $650 million value, as per The Associated Press.

"There will always be the exact same amount of gold in there as the amount that was put in," no matter what happens to the financial system, said Republican state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione

The law doesn't say where the storehouse would be or how it ought to be fabricated or secured. No financing was accommodated those reasons or for renting space somewhere else. Further convoluting matters is a procedures permitting standard individuals to check their own particular gold or silver bullion into the facility. 

"We are honestly at the phase where the questions we are answering are creating more questions that we have to answer," said Chris Bryan, a comptroller's office spokesman.

 We have Iran getting 13 tons of gold worth over $500 million.  With more Gold to be accounted for abroad sense there have been sanctioned reliefs. Iran is now able to acquire all their gold they had abroad. Then we have Greece falling apart because they did away with the gold backed paper.
 Yet we have failed to see gold prices make any significant movements in either direction.  Argo price is going to be going off of like Donald Trump or down down down into the ground.Argo price is going to be going off of like #DonaldTrump or down down down into the ground

The law will repatriate $1 billion of gold bullion from New York to Texas. The bullion depository will serve as the custodian, guardian and administrator of bullion that may be transferred to or otherwise acquired by the State of Texas. Governor Abbott issued the following statement:


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1 gram of Gold to 1 kg


 This is degrading Americans as if we did not know right from wrong and what has become inspired and adapted by history but not to change or avoid history. #LET IT BE
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The mindset set of what is to be a big concern and requiring action by government officials seems to take micro management now a days. WE THE PEOPLE  Pay taxes and all this micromanagement over little concerns blown out of proportion by some Americans, some activist, and some government Not "Speaker" any names is costing our government more money which cost us more in taxes.  More debt for the United States,  which we the people carry the burden. WE THE PEOPLE Have enough stress and hardships, keeping up with EPA standards and government regulations in our homes. Making the costly upgrades required to not be condemned or fined.

Some of those micro management including whenever one of these stupid new laws, or rights, or bills, is introduced. It goes through many stages there are government officials who are wasting OUR time on this. When we  all know this country has a lot more to work on that is a lot greater in value and meaningful to the benefits of this country. Demoralizing our countries values to fit in with today's culture is not how our country was founded. Our constitution and amendments were formed to prevent this. SO NOW WHAT.
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Can our government hold up and stand behind their Sworn Duties? Or are they subject to Media and extortion? Can we replace the weak? Can we even weed them out? The ones who fall subject to this type of matter. The ones who fall subject to pressure by press and media and social platforms.

I don't want my kids to see 2 guys kissing on TV. I don't want my kids to see 2 girls kissing on TV. I don't want my kids to see 2 guys holding hands and kissing in the stores and restaurants like it's a normal thing I don't want my kids to be watching TV and seeing guys getting married in glorifying a man and a man.  If we carry on like this school is going to be so hard for kids not to feel like an open mind is a better mind when in some cases it's not . I don't want to explain to my kids that is unexceptable for me. The already fell in love with a girl. (These are my Personal Views debate if you like in the comment area) Leave the Confederate Flag Alone! Crips wear Blue, Bloods wear red, other groups devalue objects and use them as symbols , and these biggots are not the real representation.
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Gold returns to Iran $500 Million abroad

Gold Bars
Iran has effectively repatriated for the current week 13 tons of gold right now a bundle of authorizations help gave by the U.S. what's more, other five worldwide forces, the leader of the nation's Central Bank (CBI) reported.

The bullion was exchanged from South Africa, which had been clutching the advantages because of assents intended to weight Tehran to rein in its atomic system.

Iran's GDP has grown 3% in the most recent year, provoking specialists to caution that brutal assents forced on the country are just not meeting expectations. The effective repatriation to the value of the Iranian moderators amid the continuous Vienna gatherings, including that "sanctions relief against Iran and the country's regaining access to its financial resources and gold abroad” was one of the fundamental objectives of such talks.

"A total of 13 tons of Gold that had been bought before and was kept in South Africa in the previous 2 years and couldn't be exchanged to Iran because of the authorizations … was conveyed to the Central Bank of Iran's treasury the previous evening," Valiollah Seif, who heads the Central Bank of Iran, said, by Iranian state-claimed Fars News.

 This is a lot of gold. Could this have an effect on the market for an effect on gold price?
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